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Introducing the World Heritage Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was established in 2004. It prepares the World Heritage Management Plan for the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens. Members are appointed by the Minister for Planning. Heritage Victoria's Executive Director chairs the committee. It meets at least four times a year. Members include:

  • Steven Avery, Executive Director, Heritage Victoria (Chair)
  • Sophie Handley, representative for City of Melbourne
  • Lynley Croswell, representative for Museums Victoria
  • Richa Swarup, representative for City of Yarra
  • Simon Ambrose, representative for the National Trust of Australia (Victoria).

Contact the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee welcomes your feedback. Contact us about the conservation of the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens. The Steering Committee will review matters raised.

Draft World Heritage Management Plan

The Steering Committee intends to submit the revised draft World Heritage Management Plan (the Plan) for the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens to the Minister for Planning for approval. Submissions on the Plan closed on 3 March 2023. Before submitting the Plan, the Steering Committee will consider all submissions received and may hold a hearing on matters raised.

The Chair of the Steering Committee, Steven Avery, would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the significant contribution that has been made during public consultation on the Plan. The insights that have been shared since our first consultation in 2013, and again more recently, have played a critical role in conserving and protecting this World Heritage site.

The current World Heritage Management Plan was approved in 2013.

Page last updated: 20/09/23