Archaeology consent exemption

If you want to undertake minor works at a Heritage Inventory site you may be able to apply for a consent exemption. We can only approve a consent exemption if we’re satisfied that there will be no damage or disturbance to site, or that any impacts are likely to be negligible.

Example of works that may be eligible for a consent exemption:

  • Works in areas known to not have archaeological potential, with clear documentation of previous excavations or disturbance
  • Works to surface treatments (asphalt, concrete slabs, footpaths, etc) or within introduced fill
  • Planting or removing trees or landscaping in areas of known low potential or with minimum ground disturbance
  • Works to jetties, piers, wharves, or bridges where there is no ground disturbance or piles are cut at the ground or seabed level.

As a part of your consent exemption application, please provide:

  • Details of your proposal
  • Permission of the owner or government asset manager
  • Any further documents showing the nature of the proposal including:
    • Outline of proposed development works, including details of works that may impact historical archaeological material
    • Details of why archaeological material will not be impacted
    • Map and/or plan clearly identifying the area of proposed site works
    • Site description and background history for the site
    • Unexpected Finds Protocol

There is no fee payable for a consent exemption application and they take about 2 weeks to determine.

Page last updated: 01/02/24