Why should I get a heritage certificate?

A heritage certificate is a formal document that will tell you if a place has any heritage encumbrances relating to the Heritage Act against it.

This includes if:

  • It is included on Victorian Heritage Register
  • It is included on the Victorian Heritage Inventory
  • A nomination has been made for the place and the status of that nomination
  • An exclusion application has been made for the place and the status of that application
  • It is in a World Heritage Environs Area
  • There are any enforcement actions currently being taken at the place
  • The certificate is valid for the day it is issued.

A Heritage Victoria certificate won’t tell you if a place is included in a Heritage Overlay, this information can be found by contacting your local council, checking via VicPlan or entering an address to check the heritage status of a property.

Applying for a heritage certificate

Heritage certificates can be ordered through Landata.

  • You will need to register or use an account with Landata and have a credit or debit card to pay.
  • Use the address of the property or the title details to search for the property you wish to request a certificate for.


A heritage certificate currently costs $59.60.

How long does it take?

You will receive your certificate within 7 business days.

Page last updated: 01/02/24