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If you’re not satisfied with the decision on your consent application, you can apply to the Heritage Council of Victoria for a consent review. You have 28 days after the decision to make a request for review.


There are two main stages of activity after you have received a consent: the excavation, and the post-excavation activities.

Check the conditions of the consent carefully and note any that must be complied with prior to work starting. For example, you may have to provide a revised methodology, or proof that you have engaged your conservator. You must comply with all consent conditions.

Non-compliance with a consent can attract significant penalties.


Your consent will allow a level of excavation – make sure your archaeologists have a copy of the consent and are clear about what it allows.

Heritage Victoria may make site inspections during the excavation stage.

You may need to apply for further consents (ie a consent to excavate, or consent to damage) during the excavation stage.


At the completion of fieldwork there will be post-excavation requirements.

These will be set out in the consent and may include:

  • cleaning and analysis of any artefacts found during the dig
  • conservation of special finds
  • historical research
  • preparation of a site report.

The consent will generally set timeframes by which these activities must be completed.

Page last updated: 04/04/23