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Emergency response approaches

Heritage Victoria provides support for protecting heritage by:​

  • Assessing heritage places affected by disaster events. This includes bushfires, floods, storms, wind events and even earthquakes.​
  • Providing advice to heritage asset owners and managers about proceeding with repairs.​
  • Delivering projects contributing to heritage recovery and public safety goals.​

About the emergency and bushfire recovery program

The Emergency and Bushfire Recovery program was established after the Black Summer fires to provide:​

  • Guidance to people across Victoria who manage heritage places, property and objective to prepare for disasters so that there is minimal impact on their heritage if a disaster occurs​
  • Disaster preparation toolkit and risk management guidance ​
  • Recovery specific resources for flood recovery.

Severe weather and events on record

Recently, severe weather and other events have impacted significant historic heritage sites across Victoria.​

These include:​

  • Over 100 places affected by the Black Summer fires in 2019/20​
  • Approximately 500 heritage places affected by the June 2021 storms and floods​
  • Multiple heritage sites affected by the September 2021 earthquake​
  • Many sites impacted by January 2022 storms​
  • Far East Gippsland impacted by another storm and flood event in April 2022.​
  • Over 50 state-significant, and many more local heritage places impacted by the 2022 Victorian floods.

Case study - Stringers Knob fire spotting tower

The heritage interpretation project at Stringers knob has now been completed. ​

The Stringers Knob historic fire towers were impacted by fires and have not been used since the 1960s.

Page last updated: 10/07/24