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Statements of Expectations document a responsible Minister’s expectations on the performance of a Regulator. The following Statement of Expectations for Heritage Victoria is provided in support of the Victorian Government’s Regulation Reform Program commitment to reduce red tape and improve regulatory practices.

Minister for Planning’s Statement of Expectations for Heritage Victoria

In 2021 the Minister for Planning set out expectations for Heritage Victoria’s performance for 2020 – 2021.

The Minster identified 5 areas for improvement in governance and performance for Heritage Victoria:

  1. Implement communication strategies to ensure information regarding Heritage Victoria’s statutory responsibilities under the Heritage Act 2017 are clearly articulated to its stakeholders.
  2. Enhance existing systems which improve access and streamline processing of statutory approvals under the Heritage Act 2017.
  3. Develop tools which improve internal practices, systems and visibility of data to ensure Heritage Victoria fulfils its regulatory obligations under the Heritage Act 2017, while achieving the best possible outcome for stakeholders.
  4. Utilise existing digital tools to improve transparency of internal operations, identify areas of improvement and redefine current operations to fulfil regulatory responsibilities under the Heritage Act 2017.
  5. Develop guidelines to streamline the permit exemption process and reduce the administrative burden on owners, government asset managers, municipal councils and applicants when applying for Statutory approvals in accordance with the Heritage Act 2017.

Heritage Victoria’s response to the Minister for Planning

The Executive Director’s response to the Minister for Planning sets out improvements and targets to meet in 2020 – 2021.

Heritage Victoria committed to:

  • Re-develop its existing website, to provide a more user-friendly source of information for the public, owners of heritage places, Government asset managers, local councils, permit and consent applications and other stakeholders. The new website launched in February 2021.
  • Strengthen existing online systems and databases, building on the current online forms system. Enhance existing records management system HERMES so it is up to date. The online forms system was launched in March 2020.
  • Develop a tool or system which prioritises heritage enforcement and investigation issues according to threat.
  • Improve internal reporting and tracking systems to reduce administrative burden when applications for statutory approvals are made. Heritage Victoria will also consider the permit advertising and submission process, to determine if there is a more accessible system.
  • Explore greater use and implementation of specific sections of the Heritage Act 2017 to give stakeholders clearer parameters of the statutory approvals process.

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