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Preparing a successful permit application

What to expect during the assessment of a permit application

If we need any extra information to assess your application, we’ll contact you. This might be an informal clarification or a formal ‘request for information’ via Heritage DESK.

A request for information will include a timeframe you must respond by. If you don’t meet this timeframe, your permit application will lapse. If you need extra time to provide a response, please contact us before the deadline with your proposed timeframe.

To avoid the request for information process during the assessment process, we recommend you engage with Heritage Victoria early in the design development via a pre-application meeting. Our officers can give guidance on the level of documentation required to accompany the application.

Timeframes for processing of an application

The processing time for a permit application is 60 days. The statutory clock will stop for advertising (14 days) and for any requests for information.

If required, Heritage Victoria may seek a further 60 days to determine the application.

Technical guidance

Heritage Victoria, the Heritage Council of Victoria and other entities publish technical heritage guidance.

Policy and guidance

Policy and guidance related to heritage places can be found on the resources and publications page.

Page last updated: 08/02/23