Amend or extend an existing consent

If you need extra time to complete the authorised works, need to change the scope of works, change the approved methodology of an existing consent, or for other reasons, you may need to apply to amend your consent.

You must provide:

  • Details of the proposed changes and reasons
  • Permission from the owner of the site (or government asset manager)
  • Any documents which show the nature of the proposal including:
    • revised site investigation methodology
    • plans identifying location and extent of works
  • The relevant fee, or request for a fee waiver

The fee to amend an existing consent is 30% of the current consent application fee. You may also be eligible for a fee waiver.

If the proposed change is deemed to be too substantial, you may need to apply for a new consent. If you are unsure if the works will trigger a new consent, we recommend contacting our archaeology team prior to applying for an amendment or new consent.

Heritage Victoria has 20 business days to decide whether to amend the consent. Once the determination is made the decision must be issued within 5 business days.

We cannot extend the timeframe of an already-expired consent. If you need to extend the timeframe of a consent, please lodge your application at least 30 days before the consent expires.

Page last updated: 01/02/24