Applications for exemption

If your project will not harm the cultural heritage significance of the place, you can apply for a permit exemption. There is no fee for a permit exemption application and you will usually receive a decision within 2 weeks of applying.

We will usually issue a permit exemption for:

  • Routine maintenance or operational works
  • Conservation work
  • Replacement of existing services such as cabling and pipes
  • Interior works to non-significant buildings
  • Minor, exterior works to new buildings
  • Temporary works
  • The removal of dead, diseased or dangerous trees

You will need to provide information about your proposal where relevant. This may include:

  • Existing and proposed plans and elevations
  • Existing conditions photographs
  • Materials schedule
  • Colour and finishes schedule
  • Job specification
  • Specialist reports eg arborist

Apply for a permit exemption

Page last updated: 28/07/22