We can only approve an application for a permit exemption if we’re satisfied the works will not harm the heritage significance of the place. You will need to provide adequate information about your project to show this is the case.

Before you apply

Before you apply for a heritage permit exemption, please check if your works are covered by a specific exemption, or by general exemptions.

For all permit exemption applications, you need to provide:

  • full details of the proposal
  • a site plan which indicates the location and context of your project. This may include all buildings, significant features and landscaping. This may also show title boundaries, the extent of the heritage registration, street names, and any details of adjacent sites that are relevant to the application. The location and extent of your proposed works must be indicated
  • a description of the impact of the proposal on the heritage values of the place. If there is no impact, you must explain why this is the case
  • photos which show where the proposed works will take place. If adjacent buildings may be impacted, please provide photos of these as well
  • if you propose to remove or impact on trees, a report by a qualified arborist
  • if applicable, a copy of any approved Cultural Heritage Management Plan
  • details of the existing conditions and proposed works. Extra information for specific types of projects is set out below.

You'll lodge these documents with us as part of your permit exemption application.

Guideline for heritage permit exemptions

Please read the policy guideline for heritage permit exemptions for more information.

There is no application fee to apply for a permit exemption. Exemptions take about two weeks to determine.

Apply for a permit exemption

Apply for a permit exemption

Page last updated: 08/02/23