Archaeological surveys and due diligence

Heritage Victoria has prepared a useful guideline for archaeological surveys, which should be used to guide your due diligence.

At the completion of the survey a report outlining the results of the survey must be lodged with Heritage Victoria. The guideline includes a recommended structure for the survey report.

Site cards

If you would like to access a site card please contact us with the VHI number and reason for your request.

It is mandatory to report any historical archaeological site identified within 30 days after the discovery. Under the Heritage Act 2017 only sites of more than low archaeological value will be included in the VHI. The Executive Director makes this determination. Please include an assessment against the policy in your site card.

If you have identified new information about an archaeological site, please prepare a new site card which incorporates existing and new information.

If you have completed fieldwork under a consent to damage, please prepare a revised site card with any amendments to the extent of the site, including any impacts as a result of the damage.

Fieldwork and post-excavation requirements

You should be familiar with Heritage Victoria’s guidelines for investigating historical archaeological artefacts and sites before you commence any fieldwork.

This guideline sets out Heritage Victoria’s expectations of the conduct of historical archaeologists in the field, as well as post-excavation requirements.

Archaeological reports

Most consents require the archaeologist to prepare a final report on the findings of the projects, within a specified time. Final reports must be lodged with Heritage Victoria.

Email us to request a copy of a historical archaeological report from our archive, with the report name and reason for your request.

Find important resources by searching the Resources and publications section of this website. Use keyword search terms such as ‘mining’, or search by VHR/VHI number.

Archaeological collections

Once analysis is complete you will need to lodge your retained assemblage and catalogue with Heritage Victoria, unless an alternative has been approved. Section 3 of the guidelines for investigating historical archaeological artefacts and sites, and the artefact cataloguing template user’s manual sets out Heritage Victoria’s expectations on this matter.

You can see some of our collection online.

Page last updated: 11/07/24