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Who can make a submission?

Anyone can make a submission about an advertised application during the advertising period.

What is a submission?

A submission is a written statement explaining your views about an application, and how you may be affected if a permit is issued.

The submission will carry more weight if it is rational, factual and specifically addresses the proposal and relevant heritage matters.

A submission should:

  • Be made using the public submission form
  • Be in writing (typed or clearly written)
  • Explain your views
  • Relate to matters that Heritage Victoria must or may consider, including:
  • How the proposal would impact the heritage significance of the place
  • How the proposal would assist with the reasonable or economic use of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on the conservation of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on adjacent heritage places.

A submission is a public document and copies may be made available to other people or organisations, including the permit applicant and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Send your submission to the heritage permits team.

Currently advertised permits

The Executive Director has requested the following heritage permit applications be publicly advertised.

Rockbank Inn, 1902-1990 Western Highway, Aintree (VHR H1933)

Permit P35258 to undertake stabilisation, conservation, and interpretation works at the standing ruins (Rockbank Inn and stables) and landscaping of L1.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

St Kilda Road, Melbourne and Southbank and St Kilda (VHR H2359)

Permit P37203 for the construction of separated bicycle lanes along the section of St Kilda Road located between Toorak Road and Henry Street, including associated works to road pavements, kerb and channel and adjoining footpath outstands.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

Werribee Satellite Aerodrome, Princes Highway (Geelong Road), Werribee (VHR H1884)

Permit P37189 for works to construct a new ‘Airforce Road’ south of Hangar 1.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

Trades Hall, 2-40 Lygon Street, Carlton (VHR H0663)

Permit P37218 for the installation of a Zelda D'Aprano statue and associated landscaping works on Lygon Street frontage.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

Yarra Bend Park, Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield (VHR H2398)

Permit P35737 for the construction of a temporary carpark on Fairlea East Oval for three years in association with the Thomas Embling Hospital expansion project, including installation of a new pedestrian pathway and lighting, tree removal and subsurface works. Works to be reversed and the oval reinstated with improvements following the three year period.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

Wuchatsch's Farm, 74 Robert Street, Lalor (VHR H0950)

Permit P37150 for residential subdivision and the completion of private road construction.

Submissions close Tuesday 20 September.

Drummond Terrace, 93-105 Drummond Street, Carlton (VHR H0872)

Permit P36571 for works to 97 Drummond Street - Internal alterations to adapt the building for commercial office use including demolition of some internal walls, mostly within the rear wing on first and second floor levels and an internal fit-out with the addition of new services.

Submissions close Tuesday 27 September.

Melbourne Observatory, Birdwood Avenue, Melbourne (VHR H1087)

Permit P36993 for the removal of the existing chain link fencing and installation of sockets for removable fence posts to facilitate temporary installation of prefabricated fence when Southern Cross Lawn is used for events.

Submissions close Tuesday 11 October.

Former Mowbray College Patterson Campus, 102-112 Centenary Avenue, Kurunjang (VHR H2319)

Permit P37160 for the partial demolition of walkway (adjacent to B26 Art Technology Classroom).

Submissions close Monday 3 October.

ANZ Bank, 376-390 Collins Street, Melbourne (VHR H0034)

Permit P37349 for a new restaurant fitout for the Cathedral Room.

Submissions close Tuesday 11 October.

Barwon Heads Golf Club Clubhouse, Golf Links Road, Barwon Heads (VHR H2258)

Permit P36143 for alterations and additions to the clubhouse, landscaping and carpark works.

Submissions close Friday 14 October.

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