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Who can make a submission?

Anyone can make a submission about an advertised application during the advertising period.

What is a submission?

A submission is a written statement explaining your views about an application, and how you may be affected if a permit is issued.

The submission will carry more weight if it is rational, factual and specifically addresses the proposal and relevant heritage matters.

A submission should:

  • Be made using the public submission form
  • Be in writing (typed or clearly written)
  • Explain your views
  • Relate to matters that Heritage Victoria must or may consider, including:
  • How the proposal would impact the heritage significance of the place
  • How the proposal would assist with the reasonable or economic use of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on the conservation of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on adjacent heritage places.

A submission is a public document and copies may be made available to other people or organisations, including the permit applicant and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Send your submission to the heritage permits team.

Currently advertised permits

The Executive Director has requested the following heritage permit applications be publicly advertised.

Avenue of Honour and Arch of Victory, Ballarat-Burrumbeet Road, Alfredton and Cardigan and Windermere and Weatherboard and Burrumbeet and Lucas (VHR H2089)

Permit P34568 for a permit to remove and replace 70 senescent trees along a short stretch of the Avenue of Honour/Remembrance Drive between Bo Peep Road and Lake Burrumbeet Caravan Park.

Submissions close on Tuesday 17 May.

Massey Ferguson Complex, Devonshire Road and Hampshire Road and Harvester Road, Sunshine (VHR H0667)

Permit P35712 for a permit to construct a ten-storey office building

Submissions close on Tuesday 17 May.

Mentone Railway Station and Gardens, Balcombe Road, Mentone (VHR H2099)

Permit P35804 for a permit to undertake fitout works to the former 'up' and 'down' side railway station buildings to equip them to an operable state for use as a food and beverage venue. External works include changes to the plaza area and landscaping to the north and west sides of the 'up' side station building to partly enclose space beneath the station canopy and the construction of a new deck area and boardwalk to facilitate outdoor dining. Internal works include the demolition of existing floor coverings in both the up and down-side station buildings, the creation of one new penetration in an existing internal wall at the up-side building, and proposed new fitout including interior finishes, furnishings and fixtures, and provision for two indicative signs for restaurant use.

Submissions close on Tuesday 24 May.

Main Outfall Sewer, Brooklyn and Laverton North and Truganina and Hoppers Crossing and Werribee and Williams Landing (VHR H1932)

Permit P35517 for works associated with the delivery of the Greening the Pipeline project (Zone 5 West) including landscaping works, works to the sewer channel, and construction of two small structures.

Submissions close on Tuesday 31 May.

Albion Viaduct, Keilor East (VHR H1197)

Permit P35935 for a permit to construct a new railway bridge adjacent to the Albion Viaduct.

Submissions close on Tuesday 31 May.

Wuchatsch's Farm, 74 Robert Street, Lalor (VHR H0950)

Permit P31539 for works to construct seven town houses.

Submissions close on Tuesday 31 May.

Maryborough Railway Station, 38 Victoria Street, Maryborough (VHR H1577)

Permit P36167 for a permit to undertake demolition, construction and conservation works as well as alterations and additions to upgrade the existing co-working spaces and Tourist Information Centre at the heritage place including the provision of back-of-house spaces and potential future construction of a glazed enclosure to the platform for Tourist Information Centre and cafe use, the provision of a compliant entry from the platform in the place of a former infilled opening to the Centre, the provision of artist studio spaces and a sculpture garden, and conservation works to the former first floor staff residence.

Submissions close on Thursday 2 June.

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