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Who can make a submission?

Anyone can make a submission about an advertised application during the advertising period.

What is a submission?

A submission is a written statement explaining your views about an application, and how you may be affected if a permit is issued.

The submission will carry more weight if it is rational, factual and specifically addresses the proposal and relevant heritage matters.

A submission should:

  • Be made using the public submission form
  • Explain your views
  • Relate to matters that Heritage Victoria must or may consider, including:
  • How the proposal would impact the heritage significance of the place
  • How the proposal would assist with the reasonable or economic use of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on the conservation of the place
  • How the proposal would impact on adjacent heritage places.

A submission is a public document and copies may be made available to other people or organisations, including the permit applicant and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

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Currently advertised permits

The Executive Director has requested the following heritage permit applications be publicly advertised.

Eastern Park & Geelong Botanic Gardens, 1-55 Garden Street, East Geelong (VHR H2095)

Application P39165 for the construction of a new verandah/covered area adjoining the existing Tea House building in the Botanical Gardens.

Submissions close 8 March 2024.

Page last updated: 07/02/24