After a heritage permit application has been lodged, Heritage Victoria will assess the application. This may involve notifying other people of the application.

Stages in the notification and review of heritage permit applications

All permit applications are referred to the responsible authority (generally the local council) for comments and consultation.

Public notice of a heritage permit application (advertising) occurs unless Heritage Victoria is satisfied that approving the permit would not harm the heritage place or object.

Heritage Victoria determines what notice should be given. We will let you know which notice method is required, and explain what you need to do.

Further information about public notice requirements (PDF, 126.5 KB)

Notice of an application might be given via:

  • Notice(s) in local newspapers
  • Sign(s) erected at the heritage place

The notice will include

  • The address
  • The name of the registered place
  • A summary of the proposal
  • Deadline for submissions

After a heritage permit application has been lodged it is considered a public document (including supporting material). Anyone can inspect an advertised heritage permit application on our website or at Heritage Victoria’s offices.

Anyone can make a submission to Heritage Victoria on an advertised heritage permit application. Submissions or objections to a heritage permit application are considered public documents that can be inspected by anyone.

If you’re affected by a heritage permit application, you can express your views on what is proposed and what gets approved. Anyone can inspect the plans and make a submission about an advertised application if they have concerns about it.

A submission is a written statement explaining your views about the application and how you may be affected if a permit is issued.

Anyone can make a submission about the application within 14 days from the date of notice. A submission will carry more weight if it is rational, factual and specifically addresses the proposal and relevant heritage matters.

Your submission should:

A submission is a public document and copies may be made available to other people or organisations including the permit applicant and the Heritage Council of Victoria.

If you lodge a submission you will have the right to be a party to any Heritage Council review of the decision.

Currently advertised permits

The Executive Director has requested the following permit applications be publicly advertised.

List of permits


St Johns Anglican Church, 23 Regent Street, Port Fairy

Permit application P32016 for a permit to carry out maintenance and repair works to the choir loft walls and floors, tiered seating into the loft, minor changes to balustrade heights, replacing the existing stair to the choir loft, fall protection to windows and the install an airlock in the tower at the main entry door.

Submissions close Tuesday 29 September 2020.

Page last updated: 19/09/20