The Victorian Heritage Register lists the states most significant heritage places and objects. Anyone can nominate a place or object for the state register. But, the bar for inclusion is high and not everything makes it.

The place or object must be rare, outstanding or notable in the way it demonstrates Victoria's past. To make a nomination, start by reading the Victorian Heritage Register Criteria and Threshold Guidelines.

If a place or object is of local interest to your town or suburb, you should contact your local council. Places of local level significance don't make it into the State register, they should go in local heritage overlays. There is no fee to nominate something to the state register. The nomination form on the website includes advice on how to fill it out, so read that carefully.

Lodge your application with heritage.registrations@delwp.vic.gov.au. You will hear from Heritage Victoria who will explain the next steps. Scroll down to get started.

Page last updated: 01/12/23