Speaker: Judith Doughty, Quercus Beechworth Manager

It's $55,000 for restoration. It is been, it is falling into, into disrepair. So, it was really important that that doesn't happen. It's such a vital part of our community.

It'll restore the, the render and it'll also take out a couple of the windows from here. Our original windows apparently, and that need quite a lot of restoration work. It'll be painted and then the ashlar lines will be all put back on.

It was all done by horse and cart you know and the so the stone was quarried locally, and it's not blocks of stones it's, it's rendered. So, I mean I can't when I, when I look at that and I think what the incredible hard physical hard work and persistence and time that would have gone into to building that.

We have a garden out the back and a commercial kitchen, so every six weeks we have a community feast. We run lots of classes and activities, and of course we have the bookshop, which is our social enterprise.

All the books are donated. It’s run by incredibly generous volunteers, and it provides 1/3 of our, our revenue to do all that we do here. So, it's about 70% of the people who purchase books from there are tourists. So, it's an important part of our town being a tourist town.

We're very grateful we, we could never have done the work that's going to be done without the, the grant of $55,000.

Beechworth has so many wonderful heritage buildings, so many stories to tell, just a really important thing to preserve these magnificent buildings that we have.

Page last updated: 15/03/23