Women’s contribution

Victoria’s history has been powerfully shaped by the contributions of women. Their experiences and achievements can be read in the historic places and objects around us. Understanding women’s history, however, requires recognising the economic and cultural power afforded to men in previous eras. This includes men’s dominance of professions (including architecture) as well as financial and legal systems and the political sphere.

Since the 1970s, there has been a great interest in recognising women’s history. Victoria’s built environment (places) and material culture (objects and collections) helps tell women’s stories from the past. This is usefully assisted by archival resources, such as photographs and documents, to deepen our appreciation of these important and sometimes hidden histories.

Finding women in the VHR

The history of women in Victoria is evident across the VHR. Even if places and objects are registered for other reasons (such as architectural or scientific significance) there is often a history of women associated with it.

Below is a selection places and objects in the VHR which directly reflect the contributions and experiences of Victoria’s women. This list is not exhaustive, and we welcome further information. If you know of places or objects of State-level significance that warrant inclusion in the VHR you are invited to:

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