3 May

Heritage Victoria has recently received information of a possible shipwreck site at Rame Head 2 Beach, Croajingolong National Park, Gippsland, Victoria.

Image shows a cylindrical piece of wreckage on a beach
Cylinder wreckage
Source: Greg Johns

The find was referred to by a fisher and sighted by Greg Johns who came across shipwreck wreckage at Rame Head 2 Beach while hiking from Thurra River to Wingan Inlet in Gippsland. This report contains information on the probable location of the wreck material. Further information is required to assist with identification of the wreck.

Image shows of piece of shipwreck wreckage on a beach
Main shipwreck wreckage
Source: Greg Johns

Heritage Victoria welcomes the involvement of the diving community in identifying the exact location of shipwrecks and artefacts. Discoveries can be formally acknowledged by Heritage Victoria with the inclusion of the discovery in official records and the awarding of a certificate.

The report on the wreck site can be found on Shipwreck Discovery Program.

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