Do you own or manage a place or object included in the Victorian Heritage Register (VHR)? If so, Heritage Victoria’s newly introduced general exemptions will make it easier for you to maintain your piece of Victoria’s history.

What are general exemptions?

Achieving better heritage outcomes by strengthening our partnership with custodians of heritage assets is at the heart of general exemptions.

They are the result of considered research and targeted consultation with key stakeholders, including private owners of heritage assets, government asset managers, local government authorities and peak heritage bodies.

General exemptions apply to all places and objects included in the VHR, and empower you to carry out everyday works and activities without approval from Heritage Victoria.

Works and activities across 13 diverse categories are covered by general exemptions:

  1. Maintenance and cleaning
  2. Minor repairs
  3. Painting and wallpapering
  4. Internal fitouts
  5. Testing, survey and exploration
  6. Services
  7. Safety and Security
  8. Cemeteries and burial sites
  9. Vegetation and landscape management
  10. Temporary events and structures
  11. Signage
  12. Transport operations (rail and road)
  13. Agricultural operations

How do they work?

General exemptions will save you time by reducing the level of contact you’re required to have with Heritage Victoria.

Previously, you had to seek approval from us to undertake certain works or activities, unless they were already exempted under the Heritage Act 2017, or by exemptions specific to your heritage asset.

Now, you can simply carry out works and activities covered by general exemptions if you can comply with all relevant requirements and conditions. No permit required.

General exemptions are also integrated into Heritage Victoria’s recently launched online application portal, Heritage DESK. You can submit a voluntary general exemptions record form to keep a record of your works and activities with us. This can be accessed at any time via your Heritage DESK account.

Where can I find out more?

Head over to Heritage permit exemptions or more information.

Page last updated: 06/06/23