18 June

The State Government Offices in Geelong and a pair of public housing townhouses in Carlton have recently been included in the Victorian Heritage Register. Both date from the late twentieth century – an era increasingly being looked at for its heritage value.

The State Government Offices, popularly known as the ‘Upside-down building’, was completed in 1978 and is known for its dramatic design, which uses deep overhangs and concrete spans. It is now included in the Victorian Heritage Register as an important example of Brutalist architecture in the state.

The Kay Street Infill Housing has been recognised as a key example of the Victorian government’s new approach to public housing in the 1980s and also for its fine design by renowned architect Peter Corrigan.

These buildings were included in the Victorian Heritage Register as part of a Heritage Victoria program to recognise unrepresented eras, histories and building types in the state heritage register.

If you would like to play a part, Heritage Victoria is now seeking nominations for these types of places and objects.

Page last updated: 24/06/24