Technical guides

For owners, managers, consultants and contractors. These longer technical guides provide in-depth information. Available as PDF downloads and hard copies.

Technical leaflets

For owners and managers of heritage property and objects, looking for professional methods and techniques. Available as PDF downloads and hard copies.

This leaflet aims to develop appropriate design strategies for the improvement of energy efficiency in heritage buildings to achieve the integration of sustainability and heritage conservation.

Heritage buildings and energy efficiency (PDF, 268.9 KB)

This leaflet shows how you can improve environmental and sustainable performance measures for existing heritage buildings without adversely impacting their cultural heritage significance.

Please note: the advice contained in this document on water use standards is being revised in light of the new Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) scheme.

Heritage buildings and sustainability (PDF, 253.6 KB)

Technical notes

For the layperson, who needs good basic heritage advice in simple how-to language. Available as PDF downloads only.

This information is currently under review and will be updated shortly. If you have any queries or issues using the current guidelines in a particular instance please give Martin Zweep at Heritage Victoria a call on 9208 3064.

Photographic Recording for Heritage Places and Objects (PDF, 208.3 KB)

SPAB technical leaflets

The technical leaflets listed below are available in printed copy for Victorian residents only. Email us to request a copy.

Electronic versions can be purchased from the The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) online bookshop

  • Patching old floorboards
  • Removing paint
  • Damp: the need for old buildings to breathe
  • Basic limewash

Valuing Victoria’s Heritage

In 2005, the Allen Consulting Group completed the report ‘Valuing the priceless: the value of historic heritage in Australia’ This study was an important milestone in heritage valuation literature as it proved the efficacy of a particular market research technique – choice modelling - as a means of eliciting the community’s willingness to pay (WTP) for heritage outcomes.

In 2017 SGS Economics and Planning was engaged to refresh the study for Victoria and build the choice modelling methodology. The final report presents a study that demonstrates the scale and nature of the value that Victorians place on post-contact heritage.

Summary report (PDF, 943.0 KB)

Executive Summary (PDF, 431.9 KB)

Appendix A  - Survey Engine Replication Survey Results (PDF, 652.5 KB)

Appendix B – Literature Review (PDF, 964.5 KB)

Appendix C – Annotated Bibliography (PDF, 292.9 KB)

Appendix D – Survey Engine Methodology (PDF, 996.9 KB)

Appendix E – Survey Engine Victorian Heritage Valuations (PDF, 5.5 MB)

Appendix F – Survey Engine Valuation Guide (PDF, 203.8 KB)

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