Permit policies and decision making guidelines

The Heritage Council and Heritage Victoria need to consider a variety of principles, guidelines and legislation when deciding whether to grant or refuse a permit application:

Under section 101 of the Heritage Act 2017 the Executive Director must consider:

  • how the proposal affects the cultural heritage significance of the registered place or object,
  • if a refusal would affect the reasonable or economic use of the registered place, and
  • submissions received.

The Executive Director can’t consider change of use, car parking, or other planning issues unless the issues would result in an adverse impact upon the cultural heritage significance of the registered place.

In considering the reasonable or economic use of a place, Heritage Victoria refers to the policy guideline (PDF, 518.8 KB) adopted by Heritage Victoria and the Heritage Council of Victoria in May 2012. The guideline refers to section 73(1)(b) of the Heritage Act 1995 which is identical to section 101(2)(b) of the Heritage Act 2017, except that undue financial hardship no longer applies.

The Burra Charter provides heritage guidance across Australia.

  • December 2013: the Heritage Council resolved to recognise and endorse the Burra Charter 2013 as a key document for guiding best-practice cultural heritage management in Victoria.
  • 7 July 2010: the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria recognised and endorsed the Burra Charter 1999 as a key document for guiding best-practice heritage management in Victoria.

The principles provide guidance for changes proposed to places on the Victorian Heritage Register.

  • July 2019: the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria, made and published the Principles (PDF, 107.9 KB) under s.19(1)(f) of the Heritage Act 2017.

These guidelines (PDF, 231.3 KB) are provided by Heritage Victoria to assist you in preparing a Heritage Impact Statement.

1 July 2012: the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria adopted policy guidelines that allow the Executive Director to consider the findings of a Victorian Design Review Panel (VDRP) report when making a decision:

The Office of the Victorian Government's Design Review Panel.

The purpose of this policy is to encourage high quality design solutions for works to places and objects on the Victorian Heritage Register and give weight to the advice of the VDRP.

1 January 2011: the Executive Director, Heritage Victoria, has adopted the Technical Leaflet Access for all to Heritage Places (Heritage Council of Victoria, December 2008) as guidelines for all permits that include the provision of access to heritage places for people with disabilities applied for under s.67 of the Heritage Act 1995. 

Page last updated: 22/04/20