What documents will I need to complete my application?

To complete the Online Heritage Permit Application form you will need to supply:

  • a copy of the certificate of title issued within the last 30 days (unless your site is on Crown Land)
  • contact details and written consent of the owner,
  • contact details and written consent of the body corporate manager
  • full details of your proposed works, including a Heritage Impact Statement and Plans
  • a copy of an approved cultural heritage management plan (if applicable).

Can I save my application?

Yes, you can save your application. You (the permit contact) will be sent an email including a password and a link to retrieve your application. Please note, without the email your application will be lost and you will need to start again.

Currently all supporting documents are supplied on the last page of the application form. The form can NOT be saved with attachments at this stage.

Why do I need to upload Owner's Consent?

The Heritage Act 2017 stipulates in s.93(3) that "If the applicant is not the owner or government asset manager of the registered place or registered object, the applicant must obtain the written consent of the owner or government asset manager of the place or object."

We will accept consent on letterhead from the owner; OR you can use  the owner's consent form.

Are there limits to the documents I can upload?

You can upload PDFs, JPEGs, word docs, excel files and most other file types.  However, there is a size limit of 40MB for each file uploaded.  The applicant will need to ensure that files are of a suitable size to ensure accessibility. Large files can be reduced by either optimising or flattening PDFS, or if absolutely necessary, breaking into multiple parts.

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Page last updated: 19/03/20