The Heritage Act 2017 regulates change to State significant heritage places. One way the Act does this is by requiring permits before certain types of activities can be undertaken. It’s up to you to find out whether a permit is required before you change or develop your heritage place.  

Thorough research and preparation is the best way to create a successful heritage permit application. These steps will help you through the process.

The Heritage Act 2017 establishes the heritage permit application process. Find an overview of the heritage permit process with links to more information.

Before you start, review Heritage Victoria's Guiding Principles and discuss your proposal with Heritage Victoria.

Heritage Victoria offers pre-application meetings where details of the application and information to be submitted are discussed. This can help to ensure your application has considered Heritage Victoria’s concerns, your documentation is complete, and can reduce delays from further information having to be sought during the assessment stage.

We can provide:

  • Feedback on how the proposal may affect the heritage significance
  • Advice on the appropriate heritage approval process
  • Advice on what additional information you need to supply with your application
  • Information on how your application will be processed.

Pre-application meetings are available on request.

Any commentary made by Heritage Victoria during a pre-application meeting and in subsequent correspondence should not be interpreted as acceptance or refusal of a proposal. Permit applications are determined following consideration of the application against relevant policies and the criteria of the Heritage Act 2017.

Getting the right professional advice at the very beginning of your project will help develop your ideas to meet both Heritage Victoria’s expectations and your objectives.

Heritage assessment and decision-making can be complicated. It is likely you will need to engage experts in heritage and other matters to assist you in the preparation of your documentation. This may include an assessment of heritage impacts, reasonable use, economic use, and other matters.

Experts can guide you through the process.

Review Heritage Victoria’s Guidance on the documentation you should include in your permit application (DOCX, 281.5 KB) to understand what information needs to be provided with your application, and what policies and provisions Heritage Victoria will use to assess it. It may be useful to read more about specific permit topics or review Heritage Victoria’s policy and guidance.

Commission your experts to prepare your documentation.

You will also need a current Certificate of Title (dated within 30 days of the date the application is lodged).

Check you’ve collected and completed all the information that needs to be submitted with your application.

Lodge your heritage permit application

Heritage permit fees are determined in accordance with the Heritage Regulations 2017. The online form will automatically calculate your fee. If you wish to see how the fee is calculated, you can download the 2020-2021 Fee Schedule. (PDF, 252.7 KB)

Visit the Department of Treasury and Finance's website for their ‘Indexation of fees and penalties’.

In some instances, fees may be waived. A fee waiver (DOCX, 102.8 KB) can be requested through the online form link above.

After you lodge the application, Heritage Victoria will check it and advise you in writing if further information is required. If they do, you should provide the information promptly otherwise the application won’t be processed further.

Permit applications must be determined by the Executive Director within 60 days unless an extension of a further 60 days is granted by the Heritage Council of Victoria.

Page last updated: 15/05/20