Cultural Heritage Management Plans

What is a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP)?

A Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP) is a written report, prepared by a Heritage Advisor, containing the results of an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed activity on Aboriginal cultural heritage. A CHMP is required when high impact activities are planned in an area of cultural heritage sensitivity, as defined by the Aboriginal Heritage Regulations 2007.

Why are these questions included in the Heritage Permit Application form?

Heritage Victoria is not able to issue statutory approvals without first receiving an approved CHMP if one is required.

The applicant must disclose whether a CHMP is required under the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006. If a CHMP is required, Heritage Victoria must not grant a permit until a CHMP has been approved (see section 52(1) of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006). Under section 52(4) of the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006, the time required for Heritage Victoria to make a permit decision is deemed not to have commenced until a copy of an approved CHMP is provided.

Where can I go for further information?

Applicants can use the Aboriginal Heritage Planning tool to determine whether a CHMP is required:

Further information on CHMPs and the Aboriginal Heritage Act 2006 is available at:

Page last updated: 19/03/20