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Documents you need to supply to apply for a permit application

To complete the online heritage permit application form you will need to supply:

  • a copy of the certificate of title issued within the last 30 days (unless your site is on Crown Land) - (for permit applications only)
  • contact details and written consent of the owner
  • contact details and written consent of the body corporate manager
  • a copy of an approved cultural heritage management plan (if applicable).
  • Documentation to accompany your application should outline the full details of your proposed works, including a heritage impact statement and plans. Further information on what to include in your permit application found on resources for permit applicants.

Documents you need to supply for a permit exemption application

To complete the online heritage permit exemption application form you will need to supply:

  • contact details and written consent of the owner or body corporate if relevant
  • full details of your proposed works including plans. It may be helpful to include a heritage impact statement, photographs, paint and materials swatches, etc
  • you must provide enough information so that Heritage Victoria is satisfied that your proposed works will not harm the heritage significance of the place or object.

Document limits

You can upload PDFs, JPEGs, word docs, excel files and most other file types. However, there is a size limit of 40MB for each file uploaded.

The applicant will need to ensure that files are a suitable size to ensure accessibility. Please reduce large file sizes by optimising or flattening. If absolutely necessary, break the document into several parts.

Please use letters and digits only in the file name.

Why do I need to upload owner's consent?

The Heritage Act requires an applicant for a permit to provide written consent of the owner or government asset manager.

We will accept consent on letterhead from the owner. We recommend you use the following text: “Statement of consent of owner under section 92(3) or 93 of the Heritage Act 2017 (Vic) for an application to carry out works or activities in relation to a registered place or object.

  1. I am the owner of the registered place/object [insert name and VHR number of registered place/object]
  2. I consent to the application to carry out the works or activities as specified in the [permit OR permit exemption] application.
  3. I consent to [insert name] lodging an application on my behalf.

[Name] [address] [contact phone number]

Payment options

Heritage permit fees are determined in accordance with the Heritage Regulations 2017. If you would like to know how the fees are calculated, visit the 2020-2021 fees and penalties page.

Permit fees can be made by the following methods:


Biller code: 72637

Customer Reference: 164123456786

Australia Post

Aus Post bill pay: 206 0834 0000016412345678 25

Australia Post will accept cash, cheque or debit card only. Cheques are to be made out to 'Department Environment Land Water and Planning'. Any dishonored cheque will incur a fee of $110.00.

You will be required to add proof of payment details and upload a copy of the receipt.

Can I seek a fee waiver?

In some instances, fees may be waived. A fee waiver can be requested through the online form process.

Processing time

There is no change to processing time for applications. A permit application will be determined within 60 days. A permit exemption application will be determined within about two weeks.

Navigating the form

Can I save my application?

Yes, you can save your application. You (the permit contact) will be sent an email including a password and a link to retrieve your application. Please note, without the email your application will be lost and you will need to start again.

Currently all supporting documents are supplied on the last page of the application form. The form can NOT be saved with attachments at this stage.

The P number for my pre-application meeting isn’t accepted

If the P number you enter isn’t associated with the place you’re putting in an application for, it won’t be accepted. If someone has already applied for a permit using that P number, it won’t be accepted. Your pre-application P number is valid for one permit/exemption application only. You cannot use it for subsequent applications. It’s not compulsory to enter a P number, just move to the next field.

I can’t press ‘next’

If your next button is grey or you can’t progress to the next screen, scroll up to check for red text and complete the missing information.

Page last updated: 02/07/21