Celebrating the Viewbank Silos conservation works!

Completed conservation works to the Viewbank Silos were recently celebrated by Parks Victoria staff, local residents, volunteers and community groups. The completed restoration works to repair the three heritage listed silos were funded by a Living Heritage Grant of $170,000.

The three silos are part of the Viewbank Homestead site, listed on the Victorian Heritage Register and managed by Parks Victoria. The silos are the only intact structures remaining from the dairy operating on site from 1922 to 1974. They have long been a landmark in the Yarra Valley landscape and are particularly significant to the local community.

The silo roofs, timber framed with galvanised iron roofing were all in very poor condition, exposed to the elements and inundated with birds. In July 2016, the roof of one of the silos blew off in a storm. This generated strong local community interest in options for reinstatement and repairs. Restoration ensures that the Silos, the only remnants of the historic pastoral farm and dairy operation, survive.