Heritagechat is an email chat group for local government heritage advisors, heritage officers in local and State government and professional heritage consultants.

The group is administered by Heritage Victoria as part of the Local Government Heritage Advisory Service Program.

If you believe you meet the criteria for membership and would like to join contact:

Zoë Guthrie
Heritage Officer

Local heritage toolkit

Most heritage places in Australia are recognised through local planning scheme heritage lists, conservation areas and heritage overlays.

This toolkit contains a range of strategic, statutory tools and non-statutory actions to help deliver good decisions, engender community support and build capacity for local heritage management from across Australia and New Zealand.

This report and appendices examine what makes successful local heritage management, the top five issues impacting local heritage conservation and a range of actions for State and local governments.

Supporting Local Government Heritage Conservation - final report May 2008 (PDF, 632.2 KB)
Supporting Local Government Heritage Conservation - appendices (PDF, 693.6 KB)

This manual draws together practical aspects of establishing a heritage advisory service, supporting heritage advisors and the community.

It’s an updated version of Heritage Advisory Services Handbook by McDougall & Vines, 2000.

Heritage Advisory Services Handbook January 2009 (PDF, 559.5 KB)
Heritage Advisory Services Handbook - attachments (PDF, 1.0 MB)

This guide contains information to help individuals and groups working locally to identify, conserve and protect heritage places. It will be particularly helpful for local government and community groups. This guide will provide ideas and options on how to identify, conserve and protect heritage places in Australia.

Protecting Local Heritage Places (PDF, 628.7 KB)

This handbook provides advice for local government on establishing incentive programs to assist people owning, living in, using, managing, developing and changing heritage places. Many incentive programs rely on state and Commonwealth funding. This guide provides information for local governments on seeking out such opportunities and implementing them.

Incentives for Heritage Protection Handbook (PDF, 505.1 KB)

This national guide is designed to help local governments make decisions about heritage places and to fulfil their heritage management responsibilities.

Making Good Local Heritage Decisions (PDF, 249.2 KB)

In April 2006 the Productivity Commission Report Conservation of Australia's Historic Heritage Places made a number of recommendations about the role of local government on the conservation of Australia's historic heritage.

From these recommendations, the Heritage Chairs and Officials of Australia and New Zealand (HCOANZ) developed the Supporting Local Government Project which aims to establish better information on local government capacity and best practice in heritage protection, and recommend ways of achieving a national approach and using national models to achieve local heritage protection in Australia.

The project brief was endorsed by HCOANZ in Sydney in September 2007.

The project commenced in October 2007, led by Heritage Victoria with financial support from other jurisdictions.

Local government heritage training

This training pack was created as a resource for heritage advisors to help improve understanding of heritage by their staff and councillors. It was designed for advisors but can be presented by any of council's heritage staff.

The PowerPoint slides and speaker's notes are designed to be modified by each local council to include relevant local planning information such as:

  • local policies
  • municipal strategic statements
  • heritage studies
  • other information specific to your particular municipality.  

Photos of heritage places and objects throughout the slides and can be replaced with local examples.

Heritage training PowerPoint (PPTX, 3.3 MB)
Heritage training presentation notes (DOCX, 110.2 KB)

Municipal Heritage Strategies

Municipal Heritage Strategies: a guide for Councils has been created to help a Council prepare a Heritage Strategy for its municipality. The guide includes:

A checklist identifying positive heritage measures already employed by Council and areas of heritage identification, management and promotion that need to be addressed in the future.

A strategy template which puts the identified achievements and future actions into a format that can used by Council staff, Councillors and the community.

Municipal Heritage Strategies guide (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Municipal Heritage Strategies guide (DOC, 865.5 KB)

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