During COVID-19 restrictions please email Interim Protection Order requests to heritage.registrations@delwp.vic.gov.au. Please do not send via post as it will not be received due to the Heritage Victoria office being closed. If you are unable to send via email please call 03 7022 6370.

If a place or object of state-level significance isn’t listed on the Heritage Register - or if a decision to add it is still pending – and it’s under immediate or imminent threat, an Interim Protection Order (IPO) can be made under the Heritage Act 2017 to protect it.

For the period of the order, the place or object is treated as though it’s included in the Heritage Register. 


1 July 2012: the Executive Director of Heritage Victoria adopted a policy that adds clarity to the IPO assessment process. It’s intended to help owners, managers, permit applicants, local councils and other participants in the planning and heritage systems.

The policy outlines what matters the Executive Director may take into account in considering whether or not to make an Interim Protection Order (IPO) over a place or object. The guide was updated to reflect changes following the introduction of the Heritage Act 2017.

Policy for interim protection orders (IPOs) under the Heritage Act 2017    (PDF, 1.5 MB) or (DOC, 674.4 KB)

IPO Requests

In order to submit a request for an Interim Protection Order under s.143 of the Heritage Act 2017, complete the IPO request form (DOCX, 393.7 KB) and email the form to heritage.registrations@delwp.vic.gov.au.

Page last updated: 10/08/20