Find a listing for interest

Search our online database to find a property by its name and/or address through the Victorian Heritage Database Places of State - level cultural heritage significance are included in the Victorian Heritage Register and are listed in the database.

Note: the database also includes the Victorian Heritage Inventory (of known archaeological sites), heritage places of local significance and National Trust identified places. Places or objects in your search with a H1234 number are included in the Victorian Heritage Register and therefore are protected at the State level.

Find a listing for legal purposes

If you need to determine the heritage status for legal purposes (eg conveyancing), apply for a heritage certificate to identify the current status of the property. The certificate will tell you if the property is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register, if the place is being considered for nomination and if the place is included on the Victorian Heritage Inventory.

Apply for a Heritage Certificate

Apply at Heritage Certificates Online. You will need enough details to identify the property (address, title particulars) and a credit card for payment.

In most cases your certificate will be available to download immediately. In a very few cases it might need to be processed manually and may take a few days.

Manual forms and cheque payments are no longer accepted.

Included on the certificate

A heritage certificate provides the following details about a place or object:

  • Whether it is included on the Victorian Heritage Register
  • if so, the category or categories in which it is registered;
  • whether or not the place is in a World Heritage Environs Area
  • whether it’s subject to an Interim Protection Order
  • whether a nomination has been made for its inclusion on the Victorian Heritage Register
  • whether a site is included in the Heritage Inventory of archaeological sites
  • whether a Repair order is in force
  • whether an Order of the Supreme Court is in force to remedy or restrain a breach of the Heritage Act 2017
  • whether a Governor in Council declaration is in force against the owner
  • whether there are any current proceedings for a contravention of the Act and
  • whether a rectification order has been issued.

A Heritage Certificate won’t always show you all heritage matters affecting a property. Many places are protected at the local level under the heritage overlay to the relevant planning scheme. A heritage certificate won’t show local government heritage interest in a property. Check with the relevant council or at Planning Maps Online.

Page last updated: 08/05/19