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Preparing your application

Prepare a project budget

Prepare a project budget that clearly breaks down the cost of the project. Include at least 15% contingency.

Prepare your application

Prepare your supporting documentation, including:

  • current copy of the certificate of title
  • signed letter of consent from the owner
  • images demonstrating the risk to the place
  • supporting information about public access
  • supporting information detailing the project scope, and 2 quotes

Create a Grants Portal account to submit your application

Applications closed

Create an account via the online grants portal. The portal is available when the grants round is open.

Return to a saved application.

Complete the application form

Using the online portal, complete the application form. This will include your response to the program criteria as outlined in the Program Guidelines. All sections must be completed before you can submit your application. You can save your draft application at any time and return to it later.

Complete the checklist

Submit your application

Once you are satisfied with your application, make sure you submit it before the due date.

Page last updated: 31/03/22