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Get professional advice

Seek advice from a heritage professional. This may include a heritage architect, heritage consultant, or your local Council’s heritage advisor. They can assist you with your proposed project, including planning, implementation and completion.

Prepare a brief which specifies their involvement throughout the project. The cost to engage the heritage professional can be included in your project budget.


The scope should be informed by professional heritage advice. It should include:

  • project timelines
  • a conservation methodology
  • documentation to guide the works, such as a conservation works plan, conservation management plan, or condition report

Successful projects must be completed within  financial years.


Seek a permit or a permit exemption from Heritage Victoria. While a heritage permit or permit exemption is not required to submit your application, it is recommended. This demonstrates your project is consistent with good heritage practice. It is also more likely to meet timeframes for completion.

Appoint a project manager

An appropriately qualified project manager, with experience in heritage conservation, is recommended for all projects, but mandatory for projects valued at $50,000 or more. A percentage of the grant funds may be used to fund this. If applicable, the project manager should be nominated in the application and costs included.

A site project manager role is to:

  • project manage and oversee the works on site

A grants project manager role is to:

  • administer the grant funding
  • ensure that funding timelines are met
  • undertake reporting to Heritage Victoria as required
  • deliver the project within its allocated budget
Please note, these roles may or may not be filled by the same individual, please specify in your application.

Victorian municipal councils should use internal project management resources where possible and will not receive grant funds for internal project management expenses.

Seek quotes

Your application should include at least two written quotes for the works. Quotes must be dated and obtained within 6 months of your application. To allow for comparison, quotes must be based on:

  • the same scope of works
  • show a detailed breakdown of costs

Heritage Victoria acknowledges that this may be difficult in rural areas, and under some circumstances one quote may be acceptable.

Page last updated: 23/02/21