Place name: Former Shearers Arms Hotel, Geelong

Location: Greater Geelong, Barwon South West

Grant amount: $10,000

Grant recipient: Geelong Art Society

Type of project: Documentation project

Funding program: Living Heritage Grants Program Competitive Stream Round 2 2017-18

Project duration: December 2017 - April 2018

Project Summary

The Former Shearers Arms Hotel is one of the oldest buildings in Victoria. Conserving old buildings means identifying the root causes of deterioration of historic fabric – often the culprit is water causing rusting, rising damp, salt attack and wood rot.

A thorough investigation of the structural integrity and proposed remediation works necessary to conserve the former Shearers Arms Hotel has been funded through a $10,000 grant from the Living Heritage Grants Program.

This investigation identified the cause of water ingress affecting the structural stability of the building. This is a first essential step in ensuring the building can continue to be used as an art gallery and community venue.

Having completed the necessary investigative works, this means future repairs are based on sound information.

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