Place name: Columbarium, Box Hill Cemetery

Location: City of Whitehorse, Port Phillip Region

Grant amount: $25,000

Grant recipient: Box Hill Cemetery Trust

Type of project: Investigation and conservation reports

Funding program: Living Heritage Grants Program Competitive Stream Round 1 2016-17

Project duration: May 2017 – September 2017

Project summary

The $25,000 grant identified the works required to restore the Columbarium and enable it to be opened once again, to the public. The vault is suffering from cracking in the walls and ceilings, and sections of the floor are missing. As a landmark in the Cemetery, the 1929 Columbarium is located at the centre of radial pathways. It is constructed of rendered brick in the style of a Byzantine church.

The funded Condition Report and Works Schedule assessed the condition of the building and identified the prioritised works to be undertaken to stabilise and conserve it. Walking tours and school groups are among the 50,000 visitors to the Cemetery each year.

Improvements to the Columbarium will make it safe and usable again. The grant makes it possible for the Box Hill Cemetery Trust to identify what works they need to do and when to make that happen. With this grant, the Government has assisted the Trust implement a sound plan to conserve a State significant building and enable its continued appreciation in the cemetery.

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