The Victorian Government is the heritage custodian of a significant collection of heritage places including:

  • buildings
  • landscapes
  • relics
  • infrastructure.

In the past, the business of government was one of the biggest enterprises in Victoria. The legacy of that important activity is still evident today in our significant police stations, court houses, hospitals, schools, railways, roads and bridges.

Departments and agencies are responsible for the ongoing care and conservation of assets owned, occupied or managed by the State.


The Heritage Council of Victoria has released a policy to guide Victorian Government asset management. The State government should lead by example in public stewardship of assets owned, occupied or controlled by government authorities.

Asset managers

Government heritage asset managers may include:

  • asset managers
  • property managers
  • crown land managers
  • government officers
  • engineers
  • planners
  • architects.

We support asset managers by:

  • coordinating and supporting communication across State government agencies managing heritage assets
  • establishing a heritage network of government asset managers for officers to communicate with their peers, share information, gain skills and keep up to date with heritage management
  • promoting implementation of the Victorian Government Cultural Heritage Asset Management Principles
  • developing asset managers’ skills in heritage management through training
  • sharing information and practices between agencies through peer education
  • disseminating models and standards establishing best practice
  • promoting creative solutions and successful agency case studies
  • providing online resources and a secure 'Public Heritage' extranet
  • delivering forums/seminars for asset managers on policy, technical and relevant issues.

Page last updated: 22/07/19